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Jyotish to see our past - present & future events !!

There are contraversies as well on the saying. Whether should we consider Astrology as a scientific discipline or not. But still there are many groups in India and abroad as well, who are working on Astrology very methodically helping to prove it to be the scientific discipline.

Actually speaking, Astrology has been based on the mathematical calculation with reference to movement of planets and stars, with mention of specific rules, so yes. it can be accepted as a scientific discipline. Here at Ayurvision Research Foundation, we are trying to make use of this Jyotish in a bit different way.

Since "Jyotish" was a contemporary branch of Vedic Sciences as that of Ayurveda, we personally believe that there seems to have a great linkage between these two master pieces of ancient vedic sciences i.e. Ayurveda and Jyotisha.

In our forthcomming articles going to be published at a regular interwal, we would be pleased to introduce you all, to a special exciting branch of Medico-Astrology - (Ayurveda & Jyotisham). Please write back to us with all your suggestions and comments on drasphadke@vsnl.net or drasphadke@ayurvision.com


There are Nine Planets (as per ancient literature in Jyotish), which has got a capacity to rule over our life. They are as follows:


They occupy different places in our Natal chart (Janma Kundali). According to their specific location in natal chart, they decide several factors with reference to our life viz.


By looking at ones natal chart one can predict several things with special reference to Ayurveda as well. Here, now we are trying to put a short introduction to such areas of co-relations.

Ayurveda strongly believes that the entire universe is made up of or composed of PANCHAMAHABHOOTAS (i.e. Five Basic Elements) namely:


B) Planets & Vital Tissues (Dhatus):

There are references available with specific respect to the co-relation of planets and the Vital Body tissues (Dhatus) of the Human body, in othere words, one can say that there exist a reference of planets governing a specific type of dhatu (Vital Tissues). As per Ayurvedic text, these dhatus are considered to be an important component of forming of body (Sharira); as it is rightly said, defined as "Deha Dharanat Dhatavah !" They are 7 in numbers and surprisingly each of them (except some of them) has been co-related with the planet. There is a mention of 3 component which are not actually comes under the category of Dhatus but Updhatus as per Ayurvedic text. It will be quite interesting to go through this important linkage:


C) Planets & Precious Stones:

Unlike in Jyotish, Ayurveda also describes the various factors and information regarding Precious Stones and its utility in a medication. So, we have Praval pishti that of Pearl, Trinakant mani pisti and so on. Apart from having these medications usage in Ayurveda, it will also interesting thing to note, that usage of these stones are also recommended in a form of ornament wearing.


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