A centre for excellence in
the field of Ayurvedic Ophthalmology !

Ayurveda is classified into eight different disciplines. They are :



Of the above said predefined branches, Shalakyatantram especially "Ayurvedic Opthalmology" is the most uncommonly practised.

At "Ayurvision" Ayurvedic Eye Care Clinic, we undertake speciality Ayurvedic -
Panchakarma Therapies for different eye disorders such as :

Specility Ayurveda - Panchakarma Therapy combined with Oral Ayurvedic Therapy offers substantial benefits in above mentioned disorders. Various local therapeutic specialities used for the treatment of eye disorders are as follows:


Certain silent features of Ayurvision Ayurvedic Eye Care Clinic:

  1. (M.D.) Ayurveda Consultant, having a qualification in modern ophthalmic science (D.Opt.) for consultation to patients having ocular disorders.
  2. Basic yet modern essential setup of ophthalmic instrumentation for diagnostic and prognostic purposes.
  3. Pre and Post scientific evaluation of each case

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